Twitter: Life’s Red Button

I popped in to 5live last week to talk about Twitter’s review of the year with Aasmah Mir. In the process I did some thinking about what it is about Twitter that has so captured people’s imagination. I didn’t get a chance to squeeze what I came up with into the chat on air so […]

Contactless Payments: The End of Cash?

I’ve been trialling a watch that could replace your wallet. The device contains a small slot for what looks like a SIM card from a mobile phone. This is in fact a payment card that communicates with the till when then watch is held to a reader, now being installed in shops around the UK. […]

4G and WiFi: Completing the UK’s Coverage

Talking about 4G on 5live last weekend, one of the issues that was raised was that of coverage: even with the next generation of mobile network, won’t we still have the same issues that we do in rural areas with 3G? The answer is a complex one, but with a potentially positive outcome for users. […]

4G: What it means and when it’s coming

The fab Jenny Culshaw invited me onto 5live Drive last night to talk about 4G. O2 is expanding its trial of faster mobile broadband into London, reigniting interest in the next generation of mobile technology. Here’s a little summary of my thoughts on the subject, assembled in advance. The term 4G doesn’t mean an awful […]

DLNA and UPnP: A Multimedia Mess

For the last couple of weeks I have been trialling a variety of devices that utilise the UPnP and DLNA ‘standards’. As you can probably guess from the punctuation, I’m not very impressed with the uniformity of these standards. Universal Plug and Play is anything but universal; the Digital Living Network Alliance is more of […]

The Smartphone: The New Centre of Your Digital World

Predicting the future is never an easy task. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it is fun to try. Let’s face it: wrong guesses are more entertaining than right ones. Like the Replicator in the original Book of the Future, a machine that can copy just about anything atom by atom. According to the […]

I Am NOT Your ‘Friend’: Laziness in Social Media Etiquette

I am pretty forgiving of lapses in social media etiquette. After all it is still being established. But one thing that has really started to annoy me is people selecting the ‘friend’ tab when making unsolicited connections on LinkedIn. This irritates me for two reasons: they are clearly not my friend, and they have ignored […]

Don’t Kill the Messenger: Why BBM isn’t to Blame for the Riots

I’ve been on the radio this morning and will be again tomorrow explaining BBM to the unfamiliar. It’s a funny phenomenon: so confined to a specific audience in this country that there hasn’t even been much media interest in it – until now. Compare that with Twitter, the journalist’s choice of social network, which has […]

The Future of TV – FiveLive Follow-Up

I appeared on Richard Bacon’s show on BBC Radio FiveLive this afternoon, talking about the future of television, prompted by the forthcoming YouView launch I expect. Here’s an expanded version of what I hope I said (I’m writing this in advance as a way to structure my thoughts). As video technology has advanced, so the […]

The Consciousness Question: Can We Hack Our Own Brains?

On Friday night I went to the premiere of the new David Lodge play, ‘Secret Thoughts’, at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton. It’s based on his novel ‘Thinks…’, about the relationship between a cognitive scientist (actually a philosopher) and an English lecturer at a fictional campus university. The play was fantastic (tickets available here) but […]