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Show your clients the future & help them respond with three complete tools for Foresight, Narrative Planning and Agile Organisation Design.

Developed by Applied Futurist, Tom Cheesewright, as featured:

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Get a Futurist

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Book of the Future provides consulting, content and expert speakers and comment. We can help you to address your immediate future or build a future-ready organisation. Enliven an event, explain a hot topic, or build a future-focused marketing campaign.

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Be a Futurist

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Book of the Future equips management consultants, marketers and accountants with the tools to see and shape their clients' tomorrow. Three proven tools for Foresight, Narrative Planning and Agile Organisation Design form the Applied Futurist's Toolkit.

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Book of the Future: Applied Futurism

The Future is Coming

We live in hyper-connected world of accelerated change. Where tomorrow becomes today faster than at any time in history. Threats and opportunities that may have been on a 20-year horizon now appear and disrupt in a matter of months.

We believe technology is the driving force behind this accelerated change. Technology connects us, allowing greater collaboration. Innovations happen faster and when they do, they spread.

Technology has democratised knowledge. Combined with exponential falls in cost, it has opened up innovation to a greater population than ever before.

And technology creates competitive tension. Successful innovations have to be replicated or bettered. Even between adjacent markets and experiences, expectation spreads.

This is the context in which we developed our approach to Applied Futurism.

Built Through Experience

The futurist's toolkit has been developed through engagements with a huge range of organisations, including:

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