Applied Futurism

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Applied Futurism is a response to the increasing pace of change that all organisations and their leaders face today. Simply put, the old ways of doing business are no longer fit for purpose.

In an age where a business model or mode of operation can be created, applied and made obsolete in under a year, traditional approaches to planning, execution and organisational design are simply too slow, too expensive and too cumbersome.

To respond to this accelerated world, organisations need to develop athlete-like qualities: acute senses, rapid reactions and an agile physique.

Applied Futurism is about giving organisations these qualities, through tools for foresight and planning, and a framework for future-readiness.


Is the world spinning faster?

Evidence for an accelerated world comes from all corners of industry and society. New innovations arrive in a fraction of the time they took to develop just a few short years ago. Once they hit the market their adoption is near instant, spreading across global trade pathways and digital communications tools. Ideas follow the same paths, sweeping trends from far flung corners to major metropolises in a matter of minutes.

How do you respond?

Traditional business processes were not built for this pace of change. Plans and models predicated on products and services with multi-decade lifespans cannot possibly prepare a company for operation in such a whirlwind.

Organisations and their leaders need a way to scan the near horizon for the greatest opportunities and threats. To translate this vision into action, and to ready their organisation for the response. These are the fundamental tenets of Applied Futurism.

Three Questions

These three tenets were not conjured out of thin air. They are based on the three questions we have been asked over and over again by clients, ever since we launched our practice.

  1. What does the future look like for us?
  2. How do I tell that story to my colleagues and customers, shareholders and service users?
  3. How do I build a more future-ready organisation?

Applied Futurism is our approach to answering these questions. We deliver answers using the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit, which features a tool or framework for each of these crucial questions.

You can procure our services to answer these questions for you, through speaking and comment, content and consultancy. Or you can licence the tools for yourself. Be an Applied Futurist.


tom cheesewright

"The Applied Futurist's Manifesto is your introduction to the theories and practices of Applied Futurism.

Find out why we believe the world is changing faster than ever, and what you and your organisation can do about it.

Get an introduction to the tools of Applied Futurism and understand how they could help you and your clients to see the future more clearly, tell your story of tomorrow, and respond with agility."

Join our community of future thinkers and see tomorrow first."

Tom Cheesewright, Founder
The Applied Futurist's Manifesto

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