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Why I Hated the iPhone, and What Amazon Can Learn from It

Ten years ago, Apple launched the iPhone. Not long after, Apple offered to loan me an iPhone for review. I hated it.

Future post: Will drones deliver?

Future post is drone delivery, to your location, at your convenience. But even the most sophisticated drones must follow the rules of the physical world.

Standards: Progress’s ‘Frenemy’

Today’s technology supports super-scale networks like Facebook and marketplaces like Amazon. That might not always be the case.

Buying Scale

The increasingly connected and global nature of social and business culture means that it is very hard to compete based purely on geographic reach.

Reintermediation: Bringing Back the Middle Men (and Women)

Disintermediation was my favourite buzzword of the first dotcom boom. It means ‘taking out the middle man’ and that’s exactly what the first wave of internet and web services did.

The Discovery Problem: Why The Future Needs Stylists

Whether they are recommending boots or books, gadgets or grub, human recommendation engines are here to stay.