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From a Whim to a Mission

What started as a vehicle to do the things I love has become something of a mission: to make UK organisations agile and future-ready

[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Announcing the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit. Foresight and strategy tools for marketers and management consultants.

The Future of Food? Grow Your Own – Automatically

Imagine this: an indoor appliance the size of a washing machine that feeds, monitors and returns regular crops of salad leaves, tomatoes, herbs, brassicas and potatoes, and does so with a minimal use of water and electricity. All you do is plumb it in and feed it with seeds and nutrients every now and again

Intersection: Where Macro Trends Meet Your Market

At Book of the Future we have created our own approach to futurism that we call Intersection. It allows us to make practical predictions and inform the advice we give to clients.

Stratification: Has the Integration vs Specialisation Question Been Answered for Tomorrow’s Business?

In the future, if you want a big and profitable business, are you better served focusing on your core value or owning every step in the supply chain, operating every component? It’s an age-old question, the answer to which has been subject to wide debate and big swings in fashion, probably since the earliest enterprises began.

Don’t Listen to Your Futurist

You employ a futurist, right? Someone to watch the trends and warn you of coming changes that might impact your business. Do you listen to him or her? Or more precisely, do you take action on what they say?

Futurism and Pessimism

I get the impression I scared a few people on Sunday. Alongside the praise (still blushing) on Twitter there was more than a few mentions of the word ‘pessimist’. I can see how it might have come across that way, with talk of climate disaster and emigration to the stars. But I really do consider […]

What We Do: Applied Futurism

Applied Futurism means taking the evidence at hand, distilling it into a consumable form, then working with you to help you respond. It’s about educating, informing and inspiring.