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Top 5 News stories: 04/09/2015

Here’s this weeks top 5 news stories from our social media accounts.

Is A Personalised Web An Unfair Web?

Personalised pricing means that If you’re using the latest iPhone in leafy Surrey, you might be offered a different price to someone using a three-year-old Android phone in north Manchester.

Chips and Skin: The Mark of the Beast?

Would you put a microchip under your skin that would act as your door key, office pass, credit card and computer login?

Top 5 News Stories 2014-11-21

Every day on our social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) we share a variety of stories about technology and the future. These are the most popular stories this week.

Hendo Hoverboard Shows Tech Will Always Surprise

Much fun for the media this week as a start-up punted a prototype hoverboard onto Kickstarter. It’s not quite the tech as featured in Back to the Future, but it’s close enough to get excited about.

Mutable Language: How Tech Might Transform Talk

Companies are singular. Not that you would know it listening to the Today programme this morning on Radio 4. The talk was all of what this company or that ‘are’ going to do. This isn’t some grammar nerd’s rant. When I was in marketing I always struggled with this rule and ended up striking an […]

BBC News Channel: CES – Why Wearable Tech Will Be A Success

I’m pretty confident in the future of wearable technology – at least the right wearable technology. I’ll be expanding on this on the Beeb later today, but here’s my recipe for what will be successful. Functional We all know that technological capability is no recipe for guaranteed success. But it’s certainly part of the equation. […]

Why Twitter is Like a Teenage Football Prodigy

Twitter is the latest teenage prodigy to be signed by the stock market team. This is its moment to step up to the big league.

Family Gathering Around the Telly? Not Likely

Couple of trips to the Beeb today to talk about the latest Ofcom annual review. It makes some slightly rose-tinted claims about a return to the family gathering around the telly like we apparently did back in the 1950s.

The Future with Darryl Morris: ‘Consumerisation’ of Technology

Each week on Darryl Morris’s show on BBC Radio Manchester we’ve been reviewing gadgets, explaining a techie term and making a prediction for the future