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Future of Law: Do not go gentle into that good night…

When it comes to the future of law or any other profession, you can rage against the dying of the light, or you can plan what you’re going to do when dawn comes

The Queen Mother’s Fridge

Modern appliances aren’t poorly made, they’re just made for poorer people. Spend royal money on an appliance today and the chances are that it too will be running in 60 years.

The past is always with us

Sometimes people mistake the future for the absence of the past. As if all the things we have created in each age disappear at the dawn of a new one.

The New Influencers

In an age where everyone is a publisher and broadcaster, identifying influencers and measuring their value is harder than ever.

Inoculate yourself against fraud

A healthy dose of scepticism is a great inoculation against all types of fraud. But it needs to be taught.

Asking the Right Questions in the Right Places

Commoditised knowledge is power. With great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility to address our own ignorance.

This (Dis)Connected Life

Reliable, fast broadband is now a necessity in life and in business wherever you are. Unfortunately, not everyone has access today and the prospects are not promising.

Why risk is greatest when you’re happy and profitable

If your people are singing the company song while they rake in the profits, there’s a good chance you’re about to hit a wall. And you won’t see it coming.

2016: Year of the Niche

Fashion isn’t not going away. But its importance will decline as the oracles that we follow begin to diversify.

Lessons from Back to the Future Day: Four Rules for Better Predictions

Back to the Future Day reminded me that predictions at the thirty-year range have many variables: what’s possible, what’s affordable, and what’s acceptable.