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After the future

We paint vivid pictures of the next milestone in our lives, but barely even sketch too far beyond that. What happens after the future?

Future of Retail: Discovery Challenges Diversity

We live in a world of increasing choice at every stage in the retail value chain, but where choice can be a challenge, that trend is disguised.

Leaders: What’s your foresight schedule?

Run with your head down for more than a few months and you’re likely to hit an obstacle. Hard.

The past is always with us

Sometimes people mistake the future for the absence of the past. As if all the things we have created in each age disappear at the dawn of a new one.

From a Whim to a Mission

What started as a vehicle to do the things I love has become something of a mission: to make UK organisations agile and future-ready

[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Announcing the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit. Foresight and strategy tools for marketers and management consultants.

Can technology really drive change?

Technology gets ever cheaper and easier to apply. Everywhere it is applied, it creates competitive pressure and expectation.

Lessons from Back to the Future Day: Four Rules for Better Predictions

Back to the Future Day reminded me that predictions at the thirty-year range have many variables: what’s possible, what’s affordable, and what’s acceptable.

Who Shows You The Future?

Consultants of all varieties, spend all their time thinking about other people’s businesses. What we’ve created is a great set of tools to help them do that.

Top 5 News stories: 04/09/2015

Here’s this weeks top 5 news stories from our social media accounts.