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(City) Networks not (State) Monoliths

We need a coherent effort to reduce friction, across transport, communications, and public/private interactions.

Networks Not Monoliths

I’m giving a couple of talks this week to young accountants for the ICAEW, looking at the future of energy, urbanisation and public spending.

More Thoughts on the Future Kitchen

In my talk at Bucks New Uni on the future kitchen this weekend, I highlighted three trends: kitchens of the future will be adaptable, productive and smart.

6th Sense: How Technology is Transforming Networking

This morning I gave a talk about the future (and history) of business networking for the 30th anniversary of the Stockport Chamber breakfast meeting. Here’s a rough script and the presentation

Emerging from the Colossal Cave

The history of computing is often characterised by Moore’s Law delivering smaller, cheaper, faster, better devices. But this misses the increasingly human nature of computers, now evolved so far they are beginning to interact with us on our terms. As computing emerges into our, physical world, it’s time for us to engage.