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[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Announcing the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit. Foresight and strategy tools for marketers and management consultants.

What Is An Applied Futurist? We’re Still Learning

Foresight, communication and strategy. After two years running an applied futurism practice, I’m still learning how to communicate what we do to our clients.

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Sometimes it is the job of a futurist to look at the future and remind people that for all the risks and challenges, it is likely bright.

Bournemouth University: The Future of PR

Bournemouth University invited me along with two of its PR course alumni, Richard Fogg from CC Group and Sam Hall from Oracle, to give talks on the future of PR to its undergraduates. I decided to tackle the broader jobs market that they would be entering as well. You can see the full slide deck […]