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Why I Hated the iPhone, and What Amazon Can Learn from It

Ten years ago, Apple launched the iPhone. Not long after, Apple offered to loan me an iPhone for review. I hated it.

iPhone 5C: A Futurist’s View

I’m on my way to Berlin for the launch of the new iPhones. Or so we assume: no one really knows what will be revealed tonight, despite this being the most leak-hit of all apple launches. Assuming we do tonight see a ‘budget’ iPhone – and when I say ‘budget’, I mean ‘carefully priced to […]

In-App Purchases: Technology and Responsibility

I’m on my way over to 5live to talk to Richard Bacon about Apple being sued over in-app purchases. Kids on both sides of the Atlantic have apparently been running up big bills on their parent’s iDevices through the purchase of additional features inside games. Games for these devices are often free but once you’re […]

The Smartphone: The New Centre of Your Digital World

Predicting the future is never an easy task. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it is fun to try. Let’s face it: wrong guesses are more entertaining than right ones. Like the Replicator in the original Book of the Future, a machine that can copy just about anything atom by atom. According to the […]

iPhone: The Three Day Verdict

The iPhone is revolutionary, and an incredible step forward in intuitive interface design. This will seriously shake up the market