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Teaching autonomy to staff… and robots

Robots really start to scare us when they assume all the behaviours of senior staff, becoming both output-driven and autonomous.

Why risk is greatest when you’re happy and profitable

If your people are singing the company song while they rake in the profits, there’s a good chance you’re about to hit a wall. And you won’t see it coming.

I Need Digital Feng Shui

We’re overwhelmed by a rising tide of digital assets. Since we’re unlikely to stop creating or consuming, we will need machines to clean and classify on our behalf.

[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Announcing the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit. Foresight and strategy tools for marketers and management consultants.

Who Shows You The Future?

Consultants of all varieties, spend all their time thinking about other people’s businesses. What we’ve created is a great set of tools to help them do that.

ILM: The Future of Management

For the past few months I have been blogging for the Institute of Leadership and Management on ‘the future of management’. In these blogs I have tackledĀ a wide range of subjects, from the infamous pivot of start-up culture, to the need for skills over knowledge. I thought it about time I collected these various posts […]

Future of Management: Why Time Isn’t Money

In my latest post for the Institute of Leadership and Management I look at the problem of measuring value in a business

The Future of Management: Why Facts Are Worthless

In my third post for the Institute of Leadership and Management’s Inspire magazine I have written about facts. Specifically how knowledge is being devalued by the easy access to information provided by computers and the internet.

The Future of Management: Computer Says ‘Do’

In the first of a series of blogs for the Institute of Leadership and Management I have written about the increasing systematisation of the workplace, and how managers will have to adapt to survive.