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One Step Beyond: WhatNext 2016

The number of young entrepreneurs is reassuring. But alongside the wannabe CEOs and coders, we need more bioscientists, chemists and political thinkers ready to change the world.

TEDxManchester: You Are All Bionic Now

We are all bionic now. All cyborgs enhanced by the power of pocket and remote computers to which we have happily outsourced the augmentation of our mental functions.

(City) Networks not (State) Monoliths

We need a coherent effort to reduce friction, across transport, communications, and public/private interactions.

Top 5 News Stories 15/05/2015

Every day on our social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) we share a variety of stories about technology and the future. These were the five stories that proved most popular with likes, retweets, shares and comments this week.

Announcing TMRW

Today we announce TMRW, a new global tech conference in Manchester. Block out the 20th May in your diary: it’s going to be awesome. After a year of bothering people, I’m delighted this is finally a reality thanks to my phenomenal partners, Don’t Panic Events and IP EXPO Manchester. Today we announce the first members […]

Frugal Innovation and the Maker Movement

Charles Leadbeater’s idea of ‘frugal innovation’ seems particularly timely having spent the weekend at Manchester Maker Faire.

Stop Redesigning the Web. Start Redesigning the World.

Increasingly internet culture is moving out of the digital world and into the physical. Digital skills can be applied to physical world problems.

There’s No Such Thing As A Digital Industry

Last night was spent debating Manchester’s future as a home to technology innovation, with representatives from the city leadership, technology, telecoms, law, and finance firms. One issue really stuck with me. Everyone was keen on the idea of promoting the digital industry but there was frustration at the lack of a common voice for this […]

The Future of Giving: It’s The Thought That Counts

In December I spoke at the second Manchester Sunday Assembly, a gathering for people who recognise the great things a church can offer but aren’t so keen on the supernatural. If you haven’t been I can highly recommend it. There are groups popping up around the world where you can sing together, listen to interesting […]

Give Your Good Ideas Away

I’m a strong believer that when it comes to start-ups, ideas are cheap. Because the people with the gumption to turn the idea into something real are few and far between. I simply don’t believe a business idea on its own is worth very much.