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Beyond search: a lesson in lean

Search works for established ideas. Until you’ve seeded the question behind the queries, you need to focus on awareness and education.

The New Influencers

In an age where everyone is a publisher and broadcaster, identifying influencers and measuring their value is harder than ever.

[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Announcing the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit. Foresight and strategy tools for marketers and management consultants.

Who Shows You The Future?

Consultants of all varieties, spend all their time thinking about other people’s businesses. What we’ve created is a great set of tools to help them do that.

6th Sense: How Technology is Transforming Networking

This morning I gave a talk about the future (and history) of business networking for the 30th anniversary of the Stockport Chamber breakfast meeting. Here’s a rough script and the presentation

Spam Spam Spam Spam: The History of Spam

Quick pop in to the BBC Radio Manchester offices yesterday to comment on the 15-year anniversary of the term ‘spam’. It was coined on a user group to describe unsolicited marketing emails, and comes from the Monty Python sketch set in a cafe selling little else.