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Don’t Kill the Messenger: Why BBM isn’t to Blame for the Riots

I’ve been on the radio this morning and will be again tomorrow explaining BBM to the unfamiliar. It’s a funny phenomenon: so confined to a specific audience in this country that there hasn’t even been much media interest in it – until now. Compare that with Twitter, the journalist’s choice of social network, which has […]

The Future of TV – FiveLive Follow-Up

I appeared on Richard Bacon’s show on BBC Radio FiveLive this afternoon, talking about the future of television, prompted by the forthcoming YouView launch I expect. Here’s an expanded version of what I hope I said (I’m writing this in advance as a way to structure my thoughts). As video technology has advanced, so the […]

Social Media and The Hive Mind

Science fiction is full of instances of the ‘hive mind’, a collective consciousness shared across small groups or even entire species of beings. The narrative varies: sometimes they act as one individual through many bodies, and sometimes they have distinct personalities but share their thoughts through some form of telepathic communication. While we’re a long […]

Top toys for Christmas 2010 – Retail Therapy

Discussed two topics with Becky Want this morning on Retail Therapy, live from the Arndale on BBC Radio Manchester. Listen again if you fancy it here. The second topic was the top toys for Christmas 2010. According to the Toy Retailer’s Association, the Lego Airport, VTech KidiZoom video camera, and Moon Dough Barn are amongst […]

2011 – The Year of the Robot? Retail Therapy on BBC Radio Manchester

Discussed two topics with Becky Want this morning on Retail Therapy, live from the Arndale on BBC Radio Manchester. Listen again if you fancy it here. The first topic we covered was robots. I think that we might finally see domestic robots coming into the mainstream in 2011. There’s a huge variety available today and […]

Flashback on BBC Radio Manchester: 2008

Second Flashback year of the day on BBC Radio Manchester this afternoon at 4:25 is 2008. Listen live on 95.1FM, or via the iPlayer if you’re outside the Manchester area. I’ll be talking about the technology stories of 1979, and 2008 – details of the latter below: Blu Ray defeated HD DVD, with the HD […]

Flashback on BBC Radio Manchester: 1979

It’s Flashback time again on BBC Radio Manchester, with two years I haven’t posted about before: 1979 and 2008. Listen live at 4:25 this afternoon on 95.1FM if you’re in the Manchester area, or on iPlayer if you’re not. First up, the tech stories of 1979: VisiCalc was launched, the first spreadsheet program for PCs. […]

Fun and Games: The history of the console

Just been down to the BBC studios and not for Flashback as usual – I was too slow confirming my availability with the producers so they replaced me this week. Instead I recorded a short interview about the history of computer games for a show going out tomorrow might at 10pm – 95.1FM in the […]

Flashback on BBC Radio Manchester: 1991

Over at the BBC this afternoon for Flashback with Becky Want, talking about the gadgets of years past. Listen live around Manchester on 95.1FM, or on the iPlayer if you’re more digitally inclined. Today’s years are 1991 and 2002. The latter year I’ve already posted some notes on previously, so here’s a few points on […]

Flashback: The top gadgets of 1989 on BBC Radio Manchester

Last week was so manic that I didn’t get a chance to post these updates. If you want to, you can still listen to the show – Becky Want’s Flashback from Thursday with me talking about the gadgets of 1989 and 2007 will be available on the iPlayer until Thursday this week. Anyway, here’s some […]