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Identity duality: trust and preference

We should control our digital identities, and not just because we should profit from what they tell advertisers

Quadrooter: fragmentation and diversity

Quadrooter doesn’t seem to be the greatest threat the Android ecosystem has faced. But it has highlighted some quirks in the supply chain.

Sort Fact from Fiction, Faster

Combine a basic knowledge of the workings of the modern world, with a degree of media literacy, and you have a recipe for a sceptical sixth sense that will protect people fraud – of every kind.

The Surveillance Bill: Combating Privacy, Not Crime

The dragnet being proposed by this legislation will only hoover up the most minor of offences committed by the dullest of criminals. It’s like enhancing the police’s powers to crack down on bad parking in response to a spate of ram raids.

Home Intelligence Needs Discretion and Design

We all want our personal technology to look good, but its design only has to satisfy the owner. Smart home technology has to satisfy all the occupants of the home, both aesthetically and functionally.

How to Stop Data Breaches? Stop Storing Personal Data

There may be no true security for personal data while organisations hold huge stores of it in single locations. But considering an alternative requires a radical shift in thinking from leaders, towards a truly customer- or citizen-centric approach.

Securing the Extended Human

In December 2013 I gave a brief presentation to the Cyber Security Conference held each year by Security Lancaster at the university. It looked at the potential practical implications of our increasingly augmented humanity, how malicious actors could threaten our memories, our ability to work, or our privacy. The deck is available on Slideshare and […]

Security vs communication. Privacy vs freedom. The personal policy challenges of the connected generation

Ok that’s a pretty grand title for a very short post. But it’s a big old issue. We are all increasingly connected in our day-to-day lives across a thousand and one different networks: social, financial, geographic, corporate, legal and technological. The price of access to these networks is usually the sharing of some information, whether […]

Live in fear! Keep your gadgets hidden when you’re out and about

I carry a lot of gadgets. At this moment I have iPhone, iPad, and laptop with me, and often I have even more – especially when I have things for review. This is not an invitation to mug me. But if I were to be mugged, from some of the police advertising out there you’d […]

CCTV Call Awakens Freedom Fears

Two years ago I wrote about CCTV. We are the most watched nation on earth, and my concern was that the police/government might try to automate the monitoring of CCTV images with some kind of computer system. I don’t have too much of a problem with isolated cameras, monitored by human beings: you can argue […]