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What’s happening? Everything

In parallel with our growing understanding of the universe’s constantly shifting nature, so our own behaviour too has become less fixed

Electric Transport: The Jetsons Factor

Wouldn’t it be an incredible, Jetsons-like vision of the future: lines of commuters speeding silently across the city on their clean little electric wheels?

(City) Networks not (State) Monoliths

We need a coherent effort to reduce friction, across transport, communications, and public/private interactions.

Bangernomics For All

Yesterday I sold a thirteen-year-old, broken car for £661. Over four years it cost me less than £70 per month to run. That’s Bangernomics.

Car lover not planet hater

I love cars. I love their complexity, their style, their power and their function. I was lucky enough to have a car from a young age: while I was still learning to drive my parents very kindly bought me a slightly dilapidated 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, which I proceeded to clean up and respray (following the […]

High-Speed Rail

Just been interviewed by Real Radio about the newly announced high-speed rail link between London and Glasgow. I haven’t expanded my remit to cover transport now – just a random collaring at Piccadilly station. Good topic for a quick blog entry though, while I ride the standard speed train down to London. Do we need […]