The Tools to Shape Tomorrow

As a business culture, we have spent the last fifty years learning how to optimise. The next fifty will be about learning to transform.

I’ve become a little evangelical in the last few months. The more clients I engage with, the more I realise that we have a real mission ahead of us to change the way business is done in this country — and beyond.

Put simply we, as a business culture, have spent the last fifty years learning how to optimise.

The next fifty will be about learning to transform.

Technology has stripped away the friction from the movement of information. That friction was the primary means by which business models were defended: it was hard for someone else to know what you did, how you did it, and replicate it. It was characterised by limited access to information, high start-up costs, and strong geographic boundaries.

These barriers are all falling.

Now competition proliferates at every stage of the value chain, from supply to customer communication. And there’s not just more, there’s more variety. New, better, faster, cheaper ways of doing things are emerging all the time. A sustainable business can no longer defend the position it has.

It must seek to capture new positions all the time.

The best businesses are now places of constant experimentation. Rapid expansion but also rapid contraction. They know how to recognise failure, accept it and learn from it with minimal cost and pain. They accept uncertainty and expose themselves to it in order to learn.

The tools of business that we have relied on for years are no longer fit for purpose. We need a new way of doing things that is fit for the future.

That is what we have developed.

We call it the Futurist’s Toolkit.

Today it consists of three tools:

  • Intersections: a fast and focused Foresight tool to identify immediate threats and opportunities
  • Arcs: a Narrative Planning tool that shapes an organisation’s story of tomorrow, communicating the need and compelling action from the audiences that matter
  • Stratification: a framework for Agile Organisation Design that centres businesses on customers’ needs, speeding the flow of information and embedding adaptability

To fulfil our mission we know we need to share these tools. To equip an army of Applied Futurists to take on the mission of advancing business across Britain.

So from January 2016 we will be licensing them to marketing agencies and management consultants, business coaches, accountants and lawyers. Forward-thinking people who support established businesses across the country and help them to improve.

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